Bravo! Vail Encore Society

Building a Bridge to the Future

Members of the Encore Society have created a legacy gift for Bravo! Vail in their will, trust or estate plan. These legacy gifts ensure continued access to high-quality music education and classical music performances—not just for a select few, but for everyone in our community, and for generations to come. Encore Society gifts may be designated for Artistic Excellence, Education and Engagement, Festival Operations or New Works. A legacy gift can build a bridge to the future, forever connecting you and your family to Bravo! Vail.


When you picture your favorite memory from the Bravo! Vail Music Festival, what do you see?

Perhaps it is sharing an evening of incredible music with your family against the backdrop of the Rockies. Or maybe it is hearing the New York Philharmonic perform a new classical work for the very first time. Possibly you see your children or grandchildren learning about music at the Vail Public Library from a Dallas Symphony Orchestra musician. Or experiencing Tosca in concert by The Philadelphia Orchestra. With your gift to The Encore Society, all of your favorite musical memories and more can be secured for the enjoyment of future generations


A few friends of Bravo! Vail have offered to share their thoughts and stories of support. We hope you will take a moment to enjoy their stories. 

Dhuanne & Doug Tansill

"We would like to encourage you to make a gift to The Encore Society. Making a bequest to Bravo! Vail is a way to ensure that this incredible institution will exist decades into the future."

Dhuanne and Doug Tansill

Judy & Alan Kosloff

"We have seen what Bravo! Vail does for the people who attend, for the students who learn music, and the economic impact on our community; and we want to sustain the quality of that for generations to come."

Judy and Alan Kosloff

Anne & Don Graubart

"After you go through giving money to your children, your grandchildren, your university… give money to Bravo. Give money to the arts in the Vail Valley. Continue the legacy of your giving so that your children and your grandchildren will for years to come know that their grandparents helped the entire community to be able to benefit from what music brings to the Vail Valley."

Anne and Don Graubart

Ideas for Legacy Gifts

Would you consider making a legacy gift to Bravo! Vail Music Festival today? For your family. And for your Bravo! Vail family. Your legacy gift would give you membership in the Bravo! Vail Encore Society. Your gift would also create a permanent bridge to the future, securing long-term financial stability for Bravo! Vail and allowing us to continue building on key areas of impact.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary

Joe and Mary enjoy Bravo! Vail every summer. They would like to create a legacy gift. Their financial advisor suggested naming Bravo! Vail as a co-primary beneficiary of their traditional IRA—explaining how these dollars still face income tax after being inherited by their children. This gift will:

• Utilize an excellent, tax-wise option for their legacy gift
Include both their children and Bravo! Vail as co-beneficiaries of their IRA
Provide important support for the Bravo! Vail endowment

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Retirement Plan Beneficiary

Will/Living Trust

Steve and Shelly want to help Bravo! Vail strengthen its endowment. Their advisor suggested creating a charitable bequest in their Living Trust. This gift will:

• Preserve their control over this gift for life
Help strengthen the Bravo! Vail endowment
Provide future support for Youth Education programs

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Will/Living Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust

Bryan and Lana care deeply about preserving artistic excellence at Bravo! Vail. Their advisor suggested donating a non-income producing parcel of land into a charitable remainder trust. This gift will:

• Enable the trust to sell the land with no capital gains tax
• Provide income payments from the trust to Bryan and Lana (by reinvesting the sale proceeds)
Strengthen the Artistic Excellence fund at Bravo! Vail with a future legacy gift

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Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

David and Marlene love Bravo! Vail. They also recognize their estate will likely face future estate tax. Their advisor suggested a charitable lead trust as a strategy to minimize or eliminate this tax, while simultaneously supporting the Bravo! Vail endowment. This gift will:

• Reduce or eliminate future estate tax
Provide annual trust payments to Bravo! Vail to build the endowment
Help ensure the strength of Bravo! Vail for their children and grandchildren

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Charitable Lead Trust

Retained Life Estate

Katherine enjoys the Festival every year, sharing concerts with her friends. She has decided to create a legacy gift. Her advisor introduced a retained life estate as a way of donating future ownership in her property. This gift will:

• Secure an immediate income tax deduction
Allow Katherine to continue enjoying her property for the rest of her life
Help Bravo! Vail sustain its artistic excellence for future generations

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Retained Life Estate

Charitable Gift Annuity

Stuart and Nicole would like to make a current gift toward the endowment, but they would also enjoy receiving an income from their gift. Their advisor suggested a charitable gift annuity. This gift will:

• Provide an annuity payment for the rest of their lives
Secure a current charitable income tax deduction
Support Youth Education programs in the Vail Valley

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Charitable Gift Annuity

Life Insurance

Sam and Angela share the Festival with their children and grandchildren every year. Their advisor suggested naming Bravo! Vail as a co-primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy purchased years ago, when their children were still young. This gift will:

• Include both their children and Bravo! Vail as co-beneficiaries of their life insurance policy
• ​Preserve their control over this gift for life
• Help ensure the excellence of Bravo! Vail for their children and grandchildren

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Life Insurance

Leave Your Legacy of Music

You may designate your Encore Society
gift to any of these funds:

  Artistic Excellence Fund
  Education and Engagement Fund
  Festival Operations Fund
  New Works Fund

There are many ways to help. Please consider one or more of these options.

Contact Jason Denhart at 970.827.4305 or to learn more.