Professional Development

Career Development in the Arts

As part of our mission, Bravo! Vail supports the next generation of performers, administrators, and music-lovers.

These innovative, hands-on programs provide young arts leaders with unique opportunities to connect and work behind the scenes with one of the top classical music festivals in the country.

Piano Fellows Program

Each year, Artistic Director Anne-Marie McDermott personally selects two young pianists to spend an immersive two weeks at Bravo! Vail, performing in varied programs for diverse audiences with the esteemed musicians of the Festival.

2017 Piano Fellows


Jenny Chen presents a new generation of performers. Her passionate artistry expresses her individuality and sincerity about music.

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2017 Bravo! Vail Piano Fellow

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Emerging Artists Program

2016 Emerging Artists: Aeolus String Quartet

Emerging Artists Program

Bravo! Vail is proud to showcase outstanding chamber ensembles in the early stages of major professional careers.

These young artists benefit immeasurably by performing, teaching, and learning throughout the Vail community, in concert and collaboration with Artistic Director Anne-Marie McDermott and other renowned Festival musicians.

These ensembles are immersed in a learning experience like none other.

Bravo! Vail Internship Program

Bravo! Vail recruits students poised to begin careers in arts administration. Earn a glimpse into the inner-workings of one of the most successful classical music festivals in the country. Bravo! Vail is no longer accepting applications for the 2017 program. Please check back for information regarding the 2018 program.

Luis D. Juarez Honorary Music Award

Instituted in 2016, the Luis D. Juarez Honorary Music Award supports and extends opportunities for students to pursue musical studies of the highest caliber. Recipients will have displayed commitment, dedication, and excellence in their musical studies. The goal of the award is to provide financial assistance to a student in his or her pursuit of serious high-level music studies in an accredited program, camp, academic institution, or another similar setting, or to assist with the costs of instruments, software, or other materials essential to the student’s continued musical studies.

In a letter to Bravo! in December 2015, Luis wrote:

"Bravo has given me the means to grow as a person, and as a student. Through the chance to work with you as a teacher, I have gained a greater appreciation for my teachers at school and decided that I want to be a teacher. I am passionate about being a music teacher, and I see myself in a classroom, directing a choir, or teaching kids the piano or the guitar. I believe that a good teacher can influence what kind of a person a child will be when they grow up, and that music can help them through life’s rough patches. If I can help the next generations in any way, I strongly believe that it’s through music education.
I am the first of my family to be graduating high school, and to be moving on to college. This is all very new for me and your support has meant the world to me. Thank you for everything.

Luis Juarez"

The application period for the 2017 Award has ended. Please check back for information regarding the 2018 Award.