Presented by the Sturm Family and ANB Bank

Bravo! Vail Music Box

Front Porch Serenades

The Bravo Vail Music Box is an innovative concept created in response to the demonstrated desire for music performances that are safe, socially distanced, and of the highest artistic caliber. The mobile stage, custom designed and built for Bravo! Vail is designed to be acoustically sound, easy to transport and set up, and aesthetically aligned with the Bravo! Vail brand.

Designed for solo piano and chamber music ensembles, we will return to our roots as a chamber music festival this summer. The Bravo! Vail Music Box will allow the Festival to offer concerts in small, controlled locations while following guidelines related to social distancing and gathering sizes. With this mobile stage, we will serve our community and fulfill our mission of enriching people’s lives through the power of music this summer and beyond.

In appreciation of your generous philanthropic support of Bravo! Vail, we want to bring the mobile stage to you, so you may host a Front Porch Serenade at your home or in your neighborhood! The mobile stage can be placed in your driveway or a neighborhood common area for a live performance featuring either a solo recital or small ensemble of amazing musicians. You and your invited guests – your family, friends, neighbors, and/or other Bravo! Vail patrons – will enjoy beautiful music in a safe, appropriately distanced setting.

If you have any questions or to discuss this concept further, please contact Jason Denhart, Vice President of Philanthropy, at or 970.331.1211 for more information. You can also read Frequently Asked Questions included below.  

Thank you for your continued and most generous support of Bravo! Vail.  Because of you, we are able to bring music to the valley this summer. On behalf the of people whose lives will be impacted by your support – THANK YOU! 

Attendee Requirements

Bravo! Vail is committed to the highest level of public health. The host(s) and the attendees must be committed to Eagle County’s Five Codes of Conducts, which are:

  1. I will maintain six feet of physical distance.  
  2. I will wash my hands often.
  3. I will cover my face in public.
  4. I will stay home when I am sick.
  5. I will get tested immediately if I have symptoms.

All hosts and attendees must sign a waiver.  Click here for the waiver.


Event and Venue Requirements

  1. The placement of the stage must be on a flat surface (i.e. driveway, parking lot, private park, etc.) to which you have legal access.
  2. There must be a standard electrical outlet within 200 feet of the placement of the stage.
  3. The stage requires a 20’ x 15’ footprint.
  4. Bravo! Vail will require a site visit prior to your event to determine the viability of your location.


Other Considerations

  1. If Bravo! Vail receives multiple requests from donors in the same neighborhood, we may consider doing a joint event with all of those neighboring donors. Bravo! Vail will select the home/venue that will allow for the safest environment for everyone in attendance.
  2. Bravo! Vail do will its best to accommodate all donor requests, but due to the limited dates and musicians, we may not be able to fulfill all requests.
  3. In the event of inclement weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule for a later date.
  4. If necessary, the musicians may require restroom facilities. If you are not comfortable having musicians using your facilities, please do let us know. Bravo! Vail would properly clean and disinfect your facilities after use.


How many people can attend? The capacity will be determined by several factors, including the Eagle County Guideline’s for events, your preference as the host, the size of the space, and other considerations. We can work together on the size and guest list for your event.

Who creates the guest list? You may invite guests of your choosing. However, you do not have to invite guests yourselves, as Bravo! Vail would be happy to coordinate an invitation list with you. If you prefer, Bravo! Vail will facilitate the invitation of guests and update you regularly on responses. We encourage you to invite other Bravo donors so more members of the Bravo family may enjoy your hosted Front Porch Serenade.

If I invite my own guests, does guest information need to be provided to Bravo?  Yes. Several reasons we request the guest information are:

  1. Bravo! Vail would like to personally thank all guests for attending the event.
  2. All guests will be required to sign a waiver.
  3. In the instance that one of the guests tests positive for COVID-19 following the event, Bravo! Vail will need the guest list, should we need to contact them.


What is the time commitment?  The total time commitment will be approximately five hours. 

  1. Prior to the event – Two hours of pre-event coordination and planning with Bravo Vail staff member(s), including site visit, guest list, RSVP tracking, etc.
  2. Day of the event – Two hours (60 minutes of set-up, 30-minute performance, and 30 minutes of break-down.)
  3. Following the event – One hour (post event wrap-up, thank you email to attendees, and final guest list. (drafted and sent by Bravo)

Will Bravo! Vail provide food and beverage for the attendees?  Due to the safety guidelines and the short duration of the performance, Bravo! Vail will not provide food or beverage.  Attendees may bring their own if they so choose. As the host, you may, of course, choose to provide refreshments for your guests yourself. 

Do I need to apply for an event permit? If the event takes place at your home, there is no permit required, as it is considered a private event. If it takes place at a shared neighborhood location, it will depend upon the location. If an event permit is required, Bravo! Vail will assist you to coordinate any applications.