Jul 10, 2017


July 13: The Philadelphia Orchestra | Yannick Conducts Bach & Brahms

I am most looking forward to the audience's reaction on July 13, when it hears Bach and thinks Mickey Mouse! Bach's Toccata and Fuge was written for organ, orchestrated by Stokowksi and made famous by Walt Disney because it is the opening scene of the movie classic, Fantasia! "Classical music" has never been disconnected from popular culture and never will be. Everyone knows and loves this music! Super fun!
- Jacqueline Taylor, Director, Artistic Planning 

July 23: New York Philharmonic | Kavakos Leads Bach & Schuman 

I’m really looking forward to seeing Kavakos play because everyone says he’s a rockstar in the world of classical music! 
– Anna Janes, Marketing and Sales Associate 

July 26: New York Philharmonic | Gilbert Conducts The New World Symphony 

I just love Annie's playing-- when she performs I feel like the audience is physically leaning in to hear the tiny details within her musicality. Knowing Annie personally makes hearing her perform even more special, I think that her openness as an individual is part of why audiences connect so easily with her music- Annie is always willing and excited to talk about music, Lola, or really anything new in your life and you know that she is listening to you in a genuine way- her playing gives me the same feeling and connections. :)
- Keelin Davis, Education Manager 

July 27: New York Philharmonic | Mahler's Symphony 7 

Alan Gilbert chose to perform Mahler 7 for his finale concerts in New York City. He selected Mahler 7 because it is a work the progress from darkness to light. The piece is technically challenging, in particular for the conductor. He clearly has a connection to this work, and I can’t wait to see the energy and emotion he and the Philharmonic bring to this piece. “Music has a unique capacity to connect people’s hearts and souls. I wanted these final concerts to call attention to the ways in which music can unite people across borders and spread a message of harmony and shared humanity.” — Alan Gilbert on his final concerts in NYC featuring Mahler 7 
- Carly West, Marketing Manager 

July 28: New York Philharmonic | A Maestro's Farewell: Beethoven 9 

I am most excited for Beethoven 9 because choral works always give me goosebumps and it’s the closing night celebration for New York Phil!
- Nancy Stevens, Sales Manager 

This concludes our staff picks for the 2017 Season. Thanks for staying tuned and we hope to see you this season!