2017 Season Staff Picks: Part One

June 21, 2017

2017 Season Staff Picks: Part One

With over 50 concerts happening in the valley all summer long, each of us has our own favorite moments that we most look forward to. Here are our 2017 staff picks for the first part of the festival.

June 22: The Academy | Bell, Mozart & Mendelssohn
June 25: The Academy | Bach, Mozart & Tchaikovsky

I’m so excited to hear Joshua Bell and the Academy again. They were amazing last year! I have always loved Mozart and the violin (June 22), and the two together are magical for me. I am especially looking forward to Eine kleine Nachtmusik (June 25), my all-time favorite.
- Heidi Young, Office Manager

June 24: The Academy | Bell & Isserlis: For the Love of Brahms I am really looking forward to the Academy's concert on June 24. I've heard that Joshua Bell and Steven Isserlis have an incredible musical chemistry, and I'm excited to see the two of them play together in the Brahms Double Concerto. To me it doesn't get better than Brahms: the colors are lush and rich and romantic, and perfect for a summer evening at the amphitheater!
- Elli Varas, Director of Operations

June 30: Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Mendelssohn & Prokofiev
Roberto Sierra: World Premiere: I am very excited to hear the world premiere of Roberto Sierra’s Dos piezas para orquestra commissioned by Bravo! and performed by Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Roberto Sierra, a Puerto Rican native, composes many of his works with a Latin flair. I’ll be listening closely to see what Latin elements I can pick out, and enjoying hearing brand new music.
- Monica White, VP of Finance and HR

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto was the piece that I studied and performed to audition for conservatory programs in high school, so it holds a special place in my heart. Simone Lamsma is one of the young artists emerging as one of the greats and I'm excited to hear her performance of this piece—some might think that this piece is over-played but I love how interesting it can be to hear different violinists' interpretations of the same music.
- Keelin David, Education Manager

June 30: Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Prokofiev 5
July 15: Philadelphia Orchestra | Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2
Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5 (June 30) has been a favorite of mine since I was a music major at the University of North Texas. It’s melodic, complex and exciting all at once. I can’t wait to hear Jaap van Zweden’s interpretation of this piece and to feel the energy, especially of the last few minutes, with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! Yefim Bronfman will make Prokofiev’s second Piano Concerto (July 15) come alive like no one else can. The strength of his sound combined with his lightning-fast fingers will be awesome.
- Jennifer Teisinger, Executive Director

July 1: Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Stravinsky Rite of Spring
Growing up as a dancer, music written for the ballet always captivated me. I remember first hearing The Rite of Spring and watching a recording of the original Ballet Russes choreography as a child and being shocked that it was ‘ballet.’ I had only ever seen classic romantic ballets, and this was just so different. It is easy to see why the 1913 premiere almost erupted in a riot! This piece is such an important part of the early 20th century modernism and left an indelible mark on jazz, art, minimalism, and other contemporary movements. I can’t wait to experience this live.
- Megan Roepke, Marketing Coordinator

July 2: Dallas Symphony Orchestra | John Williams: Music from the Movies
July 8: Philadelphia Orchestra | E.T. The Extra Terrestrial in Concert
Being the resident movie music expert, I’m looking most forward to the E.T. the Extraterrestrial with live music (July 8) and the John Williams movie music night (July 2). My favorite thing the past few years have been the film screenings with live music. I just love the whole experience – the visual splendor with iconic music played live by a world class orchestra. The John Williams night is just as good: even though there are no actual movies playing I can still play them in my mind while listening to the music I love so much.
- David Judd, Technology Director

Check back for Part Two of the 2017 Season Staff Picks !